“What gets measured, gets done.” *


Business Consultancy is a firm providing services to companies. In addition to helping companies to meet their requirements and doing business with over seas companies, We provide different kinds of services for different kinds of needs.  


We believe that companies of all sizes often face similar challenges as they struggle to find and connect with customers, meet sales objectives and effectively leverage resources put at their disposal. We also believe that these issues can be remedied through our proprietary framework which involves rigorous discovery, problem categorization, process redesign and hands-on implementation.


Business Consultancy offers both advisory services and consulting services. A consulting engagement includes wide variety of items where time is spent assessing issues as understood by the company’s management team and then providing counsel based on the framework as well as benchmarks and best practices.

A more comprehensive consulting engagement with company management, stakeholders, customers and prospects. Consulting engagements also provide customized recommendations, process development and implementation assistance. 


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This organization is founded by Mr. Ali Mahdavi in 2005 and company has been supporting its clients since that year.

We are passionate about growing your business, and  do this through our own highly experienced and capable consultants who have tremendous business experience.  You will benefit from this passion and commitment, together with:

Our depth and breadth of business experience across a wide range of sectors.

Our extensive knowledge base, case studies and blueprints for growth.

Our experience and leading-edge thinking in areas such as sales, marketing, tenders, import and export, operations and transportation.

Our total commitment to the highest quality service – which will make a real difference to the growth, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

Independent, objective and expert services delivered by highly qualified and personable Business Consultants.

In a world where many of your competitors claim to understand and apply business excellence, we will bring true definition to these words. We work with clients at strategic and operational levels – often as ‘Thought Leader’. Our consultants ensure that strategic thinking is thoroughly embedded in new working practices, processes and organisational structures – which are aligned to business growth and efficiency.

this company operates in a customer-focused, professional manner. We are an active member of the following organisations:

We are also a Mentor for our customers to achieve this internationally acclaimed benchmark of consultancy excellence.

company is based in Iran and service clients located throughout overseas.



“Business operations is a strategic function that helps reduce friction in the buing and selling process, increase team efficiency and execution, and drive business excellence.” **

Business Consultancy focus on several areas

Know your


Build Solid

Optimized Processes


Resellers and Channel Partners
Rewards & Recognition
Retention & Referrals


Essential Sales Tools

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